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What you cannot find here is at http://seaswiki.elte.hu/
For information on submission deadlines ask the Tanulmányi Hivatal staff or find the "Hasznos tudnivalók - fontos határidők" link on this page. Check the information frequently because it may change.


• Requirements for BA thesis writers at DEAL

BA graduation information given on the SEAS homepage
PDF BA Thesis topics offered by DEAL
PDF Formal requirements at DEAL

PDF Content requirements at DEAL
PDF APA guidelines for BA thesis writers
BA thesis orientation (DEAL)
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• Requirements for MA in English Thesis writers at DEAL

Support for thesis writers at DEAL:
Our Research Seminar in English Applied Linguistics, a compulsory course for students in the AL_MA track in the second semester, is designed to help students in planning and conducting their research for the MA thesis. 
SEAS policy: Please read the general requirements of SEAS (Open). Focus especially on the “Citation and plagiarism” and “Certificate of research” subsections. Definition of plagiarism:
"Plagiarism is the copying or paraphrasing of other people's work or ideas  into your own work without full acknowledgement" (University of Oxford,  2006), and as such, it includes the following: (a) "Verbatim quotation of  other people's work without clear acknowledgement"; (b) "paraphrasing the  work of others by altering a few words and changing their order"; (c)  "cutting and pasting from the Internet"; (d) collusion, that is,  "unauthorised collaboration between students"; (e) "inaccurate citation";  (f) "failure to acknowledge"; (g) "professional agencies"; and (h)  autoplagiarism, that is, "submit[ting] work for assessment which you have  already submitted (partially or in full) to fulfil the requirements of  another degree course or examination" (ibid.)."
Definition adapted from http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/epsc/plagiarism/
Please refer to the above link for more details.
PDF Information for MA thesis writers at DEAL
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• The Outstanding thesis award at DEAL

Every summer SEAS selects eight theses submitted in that academic year, which are deemed
worthy of special attentin. The authors of these theses are distinguished by the Outstanding
Thesis Award. One award goes to a thesis writer at DEAL. The thesis is selected on the basis
of the referees' recommendation and the decision of the referees' conference.
Congratulations to the award winners and their supervisors.
In the past few years the following MA thesis writers earned the Outstanding Thesis Award at DEAL (For BA theses go to http://seaswiki.elte.hu/@api/deki/pages/233/pdf):
Year: 2012
Student: Bosnyák Júlia
Title: Task Complexity and Narrative Writing Performance: The Effect of Proficiency
Supervisor: Albert Ágnes
Year: 2011
Student: Takács Dóra
Title: Foreign Language Anxiety and the Process of Becoming an English Teacher: A Qualitative Study
Supervisor: Brózik-Piniel Katalin

Year: 2010
Student: Emese Pozdena
Title: Foreign Business Presentations through the Eyes of Business People
Supervisor: Rachel Appleby
Year: 2009
Student: Veronika Murár
Title: Coping with Foreign Language Anxiety
Supervisor: Katalin Brózik-Piniel
Year: 2008
Student: Strider Enikő
Title: Contrastive Analysis of Expert Feedback on Student Writing as Perceived by EFL Teachers and Students
Supervisor: Tankó Gyula
Year: 2007
Student: Jánosházi Orsolya
Title: Second Language Acquisition and Group Dynamics: An Empirical Investigation
Supervisor: Csizér Kata
Year: 2006
Student: Jenei Gabriella
Title: The Contribution of Reference and Co-reference to Cohesion
Supervisor: Károly Krisztina
Year: 2005
Student: Sarkadi Ágnes
Title: Dyslexia and Achieving Success in Studying English as a Foreign Language
Supervisor: Kormos Judit
Year: 2004
Student: Barabás Orsolya
Title: Critical Discourse Analysis of British News e and IdeologyPrograms: Languag
Supervisor: Reményi Andrea
Year: 2003
Student: Kárpáti Dorottya Mária
Title: Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Deaf Learners
Supervisor: Kontra Edit
Year: 2003
Student:Ormos Eszter
Title: Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Dyslexic Children
Supervisor: Kormos Judit
Year: 2002
Student: Vona Andrea
Title: The Reasons for and Effects of the Use of the Mother Tongue among Elementary Learners of English
Supervisor: Holló Dorottya
Year: 2001
Student: Lukácsy Gergely
Title: Following up on the Consequences of the Mental Representation of Linguistic Information on Human Language Production
Supervisor: Kormos Judit
Year: 2000
Student: Romhányi Júlia
Title: The Role of Language Transfer in Learning Hungarian as a Second Language: The Case of English and Finnish Learners of Hungarian
Supervisor: Kormos Judit
Year: 1999
Student: Czárl Bernadett
Title: The Situation of Students on the Periphery of Pairwork
Supervisor: Tartsayné Németh Nóra
Year: 1999
Student: Klatsmányi Eszter
Title: Efficient Methods for the Teaching of Written Translation
Supervisor: Károly Krisztina
Year: 1998
Student: Serény Katalin
Title: Teaching Language and Culture with Comparative and Contrastive Methods
Supervisor: Holló Dorottya
Year: 1997
Student: Kiszter Ildikó
Title: Teaching Culture at EFL Classes
Supervisor: Holló Dorottya
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