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ERASMUS Exchange Programme

We have bilateral Erasmus agreements with Roehampton University (London, UK) and the University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland). The programme includes both student and teaching staff mobility. ELTE students can spend a semester at these universities studying applied linguistics (Roehampton, Limerick) and language pedagogy subjects (Roehampton). For further information please contact Éva Illés, the departmental coordinator.
Another Erasmus agreement is with the Institute of English, Adam Miczkiewicz University, Poznan. For further information please contact Tamás Eitler.
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The 'Meisei' Agreement

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In 2006 Meisei University and the School of English and American Studies at Eötvös Loránd University signed a cooperative agreement in order to promote the following activities between both universities:
a. Exchange of faculty members
b. Exchange of students
c. Joint research projects
d. Joint conferences
e. Language and cultural programs
Execution of the Agreement
The specific activities to be carried out under this agreement will be stated in corresponding specific sub-agreements. Such specific sub-agreements, once approved by both parties, will be attached as annexes to this agreement.
Administration of this Cooperative Agreement and the development of subsequent sub-agreements is the responsibility of the Department of English Applied Linguistics of the School of English and American Studies at Eötvös Loránd University and the International Studies Center at Meisei University.
Our partner's address:
Meisei University: Director of International Studies Center
Meisei University
2-1-1 Hodokubo, Hino-City
Tokyo 191-8506 Japan
The Meisei Summer School Project
Since the signing of the agreement our partner University in Japan has been sponsoring a two-week stay in Japan for one student of English each year to participate in the Meisei Summer School Project.
Program details:
"Meisei Summer School is a two-week project for Meisei students and foreign partner students to teach English to local children.
Preliminary schedule :
Arrival of the students. at the Takahata Fudo station in Tokyo (An information packet will be sent to participants in early June.)
Week One: Preparation for the program (materials development and teaching practice)
Week Two: Teaching children
Check out.
Meisei will pay for the flight ticket. The selected students will need to buy ticket and bring a receipt to Meisei. Meisei will refund the expense. The student with other participants will stay in our guest-house. The place does not have a private room but is very nicely built and designed. All meals will be provided by Meisei. We will create a kitchen team that will be assigned to cook food. Last year we had foreign participants from 5 different countries."
Hiro Tanaka
Meisei University
Recipients of the Meisei Summer school Travel Grant
2012 Fanni SÜTŐ
2011 Vanda KOSZOVÁCZ
2010 Ágnes PATKÓ
2009 Judit DIRDA
2008 Tamás STÉGNER
2007 Anna FEHÉR
2006 Borbála KÁLMOS
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