Pre-EGG 2008 Budapest Syntax (Nano-)Workshop


There will be a pre-EGG syntax workshop in Budapest in the afternoon of 26 July (Saturday).

This is envisaged to be an open informal event, free for both local and visiting colleagues and students to attend.


Program [streamlined version]*

Please click on the titles for the abstracts.

One hour is planned for each talk, including discussion.


12:45   Warm-up coffee break


13:00–14:00    Natasa Milicevic (Tilburg)      

The Non-local Licensing of N-words in Serbian


14:00–15:00    Huba Bartos (Budapest)       

                        "Backward" A-dependencies in Hungarian


Coffee break (15 mins)


15:15–16:15    Melanie Jouitteau (Paris)      

No Verb First


16:15–17:15    Dalina Kalluli (Vienna)           

Pro vs Trace: Modelling agreement locally





*Unfortunately, two of our speakers, Gereon Müller and Carlo Cecchetto, have had to cancel their visit this time.




The workshop will take place in the building of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,

which is located in the central area of Budapest.

The address is:

Benczur utca 33

1068 Budapest

Click on here for a googlemap.


How to get here


Advice on accommodation



Unfortunately we cannot directly assist you in finding accommodation in Budapest

(you will probably find out more about accommodation options on the web

in five minutes than what we know). Make sure you book well ahead, though.


Hope to see you in Budapest!


Balazs Suranyi