Advice on accommodation

Budapest, as you will know, is quite expensive as far as hotel rates are concerned.

Here are a couple of reasonably priced places that are all quite close to the Institute building.

First of all, on the page below you'll find a link to a map to locate the Institute building, in case you haven't been there:

1. Easyhotel (cf. also Easyjet)

Quite close to the Institute building (an extended walk, or three stops).

It's also one tram stop (or 5 mins walk) from Western Railways Station, where you can catch an intercity to Debrecen.
Prices are from EUR 39/night-- for which price you get a room for TWO persons.

It opened last year, so still should look new-- probably the best value.
2. Bedsn’Roses
This is a cheap and (very) basic B&B kind of place near the Opera house, from where you can take the subway to the Institute building (4 stops).
EUR 40/night


3. Hotel Radio Inn
This is a medium sized hotel that has apartments instead of rooms, within a block from the Institute.
1 bedroom apartment: EUR 80 (although on, it says EUR 60, so perhaps if you book through, you get it for EUR 60/night).
4. Hotel Benczur
This is an old-style hotel literally next door to the Institute.
1 single room: EUR 60

5. Hotel Central Dominik Panzio
A pension still within walking distance.
EUR 70/night

If you're into apartments, here's a couple of links:


7. For further options, check out:,,

or any other online booking agency website.