Topics of gradual student theses

Evolutional researches
- Primata phylogenesis - anthropology of fossil and recens Primata species
- anthropology of human phylogensis
- evolutional theories (Eve hypothesis, Afro-European sapiens theory, ...)
- new methods in the evolutional research

Paleoanthropological researches
- studies of anthropological series of different historical ages from the Carpatian
- population historical reconstruction of ancient populations by anthropological
- molecular anthropology – fossil DNA researches
- systematic paleopathological researches

Anthropological studies of living populations
- classic and modern methods in physique and body composition assessment
- the actual importance of ergonometric studies
- methods of biological age assessment (advantages, disadvantages, ....)
- external and internal factors influencing human development (heredity,
  nutritional habits, nutrient intake, habitual physical activity, social background)
- anthropology of menopause
- anthropology of ageing
- nutritional status disorders: undernutrition, overweight and obesity
- growth references/standards
- somato-psychic development of children and youth

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