Distributed NetBeans Version 1.1 on VMS

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OpenVMS Engineering is pleased to announce the availability of 
Distributed NetBeans Version 1.1 for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64.

Distributed NetBeans allows you to run the NetBeans integrated 
development environment (IDE) on your desktop system to develop 
applications on a remote HP OpenVMS system.  

New features for Version 1.1 include

*	Support for Integrity Server Systems
*	FTP Filesystem
Distributed NetBeans now gives you the option of using FTP to access 
your remote filesystem. You can use FTP instead of, or in addition to, 
an SMB-based filesystem (such as Advanced Server or Samba).
*	COBOL, FORTRAN, and PASCAL Languages
Distributed NetBeans contains support for the COBOL, FORTRAN, and PASCAL 
languages in addition to C/C++, CMS support, DCL support, and EDT keypad 
*	MMS and BASH
MMS and BASH shell script files are recognized as text files in 
Distributed NetBeans. You can create, edit, and execute MMS make files 
and BASH shell scripts from within the IDE. 
*	Automatic Conversion of Files to STREAM_LF Format
STREAM_LF file format is required if you are using an SMB-based 
filesystem (Advanced Server or Samba). Distributed NetBeans V1.1 detects 
whether files are in STREAM_LF <Converting_Files_to_STREAM-LF.htm>  
format, and if they are not, you are asked if you want them to be 
automatically converted for you.
*	CMS Groups and Classes
Distributed NetBeans contains support for CMS groups 
<Add_a_File_to_CMS_Library.htm>  and classes. A CMS group lets you 
combine one or more elements or groups into a group that you can then 
manipulate as a single unit.  A class is a set of specific generations 
of elements that can be manipulated as a unit
*	Server Setup Command 
The server setup command property 
<Checking_the_Server_Version_Number.htm>  allows you to specify a DCL 
command string to be executed by the remote IDE User server during its 
startup. The command specified is passed to DCL for execution. You can 
specify a different setup command for each remote server you create.
*	Installation on ODS-2 Disks
Distributed NetBeans allows you to work with files located on ODS-2 
disks, in addition to ODS-5 disks. Note that if you are using 
Distributed NetBeans with Java files, the Java files must be on an ODS-5 
disk. (This limitation will be removed in a future release of the Java 
*	And many more new features, see the online help section titled, 
"What's New in Version 1.1" for more details.

The NetBeans IDE, Distributed NetBeans client, and the IDE Server are 
provided free of charge.  Support is provided with your OpenVMS 
operating system support contract and by the Distributed NetBeans 
development team.

For more information or to download the Distributed NetBeans V1.1 kit, 
please visit


Best Regards,
The Distributed NetBeans Engineering Team