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A VMS és a többi sw licenszhez szükséges, hogy a HP-Decus tagja l
A belépés ill. a tagazonosító megtalálható a http://www.decus.b 
Jó szórakozást! 

Fodor Zsuzsa

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To the OpenVMS Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce our commitment to the
OpenVMS Hobbyist Program and announce that Sue Skonetski
( will be the HP liaison to the Hobbyist 

As you may know, the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program had its start in May 
at the DECUS (now Encompass) Symposia in Cincinnati based on 
requests.  The OpenVMS Hobbyist program began with a simple 

To provide a low cost solution for the VMS hobbyist wanting learn more
about VMS for the simple pleasure of using one of the finest Operating
systems ever developed for their own personal use.  

For more information on the OpenVMS Hobbyist program please visit the
web site at Should you have any
questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My thanks to David Cathy from Montagar Software who continues to 
the OpenVMS Hobbyist program.


Ann McQuaid
General Manager
OpenVMS Division