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Szia! Én kérném szépen a doksit, a -ra.
Kösz, Rózsa l.

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Kedves Kollégák, aki a >1.6 Mb doksit kéri, annak elküldöm. 
kicsit nagy.)

S ha már írok, egy nagyon szomorú hír: Terry Shannon meghalt. 
(Shannon knows Digital ... Shannon knows HPC és hasonlók) Attól 
tartok, nem lesz még egy ilyen figura a közeljövőben.

Fodor Zsuzsa

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Hi Sue,

The attached is the "New" OpenVMS VAX to Integrity white paper that 
just been completed. This has been sent to the HP Enterprise Library
today for posting and we will be pointing to it from the OpenVMS
External web site shortly. I will also be making this available to Paula
Trundy for the Internal OpenVMS web site. This should be an excellent
white paper for those OpenVMS customers that are thinking about
transitioning from OpenVMS on VAX to OpenVMS on Integrity servers.

Please forward this to all the OpenVMS ambassadors or any other folks
that you feel are appropriate. This is an external white paper and can
be made available to anyone considering the move from VAX to Integrity