Rdb 7.2 Beta Kit for Itanium and Alpha

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From: Ginger Vollmar [mailto:ginger.vollmar@ORACLE.COM]
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 9:12 AM
To: oraclerdb@jcc.com
Subject: Rdb 7.2 Beta Kit Now Available for Itanium and Alpha

     Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Rdb 
Release 7.2 field test.  The field test of Oracle Rdb 7.2 is available 
to run on OpenVMS Industry Standard 64 for HP Integrity Servers and for 
OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems.  To join the Beta program, you can 
register online at the Rdb Beta Test Page (follow the "Rdb Beta 
Programs" link at http://www.oracle.com/rdb). Once your registration 
application has been submitted, our Beta Program Administrator will 
review it for approval.  When you log back in to the site after being 
approved, you will see a page welcoming you to the program and links for 
the documentation and software download.

     This field test software allows Oracle Rdb-based applications to be 
ported to OpenVMS for Itanium(r) architecture-based HP Integrity 
servers.  Most Rdb-based applications that run today on AlphaServer 
systems need only to be recompiled, relinked and tested in order to run 
on Integrity servers.

     The full suite of the Rdb database engine functionality
is available for this 7.2 field test on both the AlphaServer and 
Integrity server platforms.  This functionality includes:

     - Rdb, RDO and RDML precompiler and interactive
     - SQL precompiler and interactive interfaces
     - Local and global buffering and row caches
     - Data protection via before-image and after-image
     - 2-phase transaction and multi-database support
     - Remote database access via TCP/IP and DECnet
     - Oracle Rdb Hot Standby
     - Oracle Rdb LogMiner
     - Built-in remote database access capabilities over
       DECnet or TCP/IP
     - RMU backup, restore, recover, verify, show statistics,
       load, unload, etc.

     The Oracle Rdb field test release 7.2 requires a minimum of OpenVMS 
Alpha V7.3-2 and a minimum of OpenVMS for Integrity Servers V8.2.

     Oracle expects to release Oracle Rdb Release 7.2 for production use 
in the second half of calendar year 2005.

Ginger Vollmar
Rdb Beta Programs Administrator