Critical COBOL Applications on HP Integrity Servers

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OpenVMS Users Can Now Run Critical COBOL Applications on HP Integrity 

San Diego, CA - January 18, 2005 - Acucorp, Inc., an international 
developer of software solutions that revitalize COBOL applications, 
today announces its support for HP's OpenVMS 8.2 operating system for HP 
Integrity servers.  This support will enable organizations to run their 
critical COBOL business systems while taking advantage of the 
scalability and security of OpenVMS as well as the reliability and 
performance of the HP Integrity server platform, built on the Intel 
Itanium 2 architecture. Acucorp was one of the first HP business 
partners to successfully port its extend(r) product suite to OpenVMS on 
the Integrity line.  In addition, extend also runs on earlier versions 
of OpenVMS for HP AlphaServer systems and VAX servers as well as on 
HP-UX, Linux and Windows Itanium 2-based systems via its COBOL Virtual 
Machine(tm). "For more than 16 years, Acucorp has provided COBOL 
solutions for the VMS environment," explained Cameron Jenkins, Acucorp's 
vice president, strategic partnerships.  "By making our extend 
technologies available first on VAX/VMS, then on AlphaServer systems 
running OpenVMS and now on HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS, 
enterprise customers have a low-cost, low-risk way to quickly and 
painlessly modernize their trusted business-critical systems." Included 
in Acucorp's extend are solutions that enable COBOL applications to:  
interoperate with .NET, Java and XML; be deployed as Web services in a 
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); be accessible on the Internet or 
through a PDA; display a graphical user interface (GUI); access a 
relational database management system (RDBMS); benefit from streamlined 
processing via thin client architecture; or be migrated to more than 600 
Linux, UNIX or Windows platforms.  Acucorp's robust COBOL development 
system, ACUCOBOL-GT(r)  runs, by default, in HP COBOL for OpenVMS 
compatibility mode.  This support makes it less costly and risky to 
modernize COBOL applications and maintain them running on trusted 
OpenVMS servers.  The Acucorp development system also takes advantage of 
the Record Management Services (RMS), and offers easy access to Digital 
Command Language (DCL) and many other facilities available with OpenVMS. 
"Acucorp continues to demonstrate unwavering commitment and support for 
OpenVMS," said Mark Gorham, vice president, OpenVMS Systems at HP.  "As 
a result, enterprises, government end users and independent software 
vendors can maintain their existing legacy applications on the OpenVMS 
platform while taking advantage of the innovative technologies offered 
by Acucorp." About Acucorp Acucorp, Inc., an HP business partner, was 
founded in 1988.  The privately held company is headquartered in San 
Diego, California, USA with additional offices in France, Germany, Great 
Britain and the Netherlands.  Acucorp's products are distributed in more 
than 100 countries throughout the world.  Its over 4,000 customers and 
1,000,000 end users include Ford Argentina, L'Oréal Mexico, Red Cross 
Belgium, Siemens, Sport Chalet, The Travelex Group (formerly Thomas 
Cook), Tower Records and Warner Music Group.  The Company designs, 
develops, and markets innovative solutions for extending the life of 
vital COBOL business systems.  Additional information about Acucorp is 
available at ####
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