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Dátum: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 09:57:55 -0500
Feladó: Skonetski, Susan <susan.skonetski@hp.com>
Címzett: Skonetski, Susan <susan.skonetski@hp.com>
Tárgy: HP OpenVMS Pearl -  OK for External Distribution - Hungary -  
General Banking and Trust Company upgrades to disaster-tolerant 
OpenVMS clusters  


When General Banking and Trust Company Limited (GBT), one of 
leading financial institutions, decided to upgrade its OpenVMS
production environment, it demanded a solution that would deliver not
only high performance and capacity for growth, but also greater
availability and more disaster tolerance. After carefully evaluating a
range of options from HP, IBM, and EMC, the Budapest-based bank 
to deploy a production site of two OpenVMS AlphaServer GS1280 
(with eight processors and 32GB memory) and a five-terabyte (TB)
StorageWorks XP1024 disk array.

The main location is connected via fibre to a back-up site with a single
identical AlphaServer GS1280 system and XP1024 providing the 
to address a server failure without initiating a full disaster scenario.
The dual-site configuration performs as a single OpenVMS cluster with a
unified system image, simplifying management and enabling easy 
access to

For almost 15 years, GBT has relied on OpenVMS to support its critical
operations, most recently using SYMBOLS(tm), an integrated retail
banking solution by System Access. "We have a long tradition of using
OpenVMS-it delivers the performance, scalability, and reliability that
we need," says Tibor Nagy, GBT director of Information Technology. "By
moving to the latest AlphaServer technology, we expect to enjoy 
at a new level of performance and reliability."

In its new disaster-tolerant solution, GBT is using two technologies to
ensure that both sites will have current and complete data for
business-critical applications. The AlphaServer systems at each site are
using host-based volume shadowing to mirror OpenVMS and Oracle 
data. Application databases are replicated in real-time with Continuous
Access XP, which provides a direct interface between the system 
and the disk arrays. "Continuous Access enables the bank to meet
stringent requirements for data currency with extremely fast failover,"
says Mr. Nagy. In addition, the bank is using two ADVA Dense Wave
Division Multiplexing optical termination units as a cost-effective
system to transport high-speed data, storage, and voice applications.
"We are very happy with the safety and stability of our upgraded
environment," adds Mr. Nagy.

To maximize disaster tolerance, GBT plans to deploy a second 
GS1280 system in its failover cluster in 2005. "These new AlphaServer
systems give us plenty of headroom to grow, and we eventually expect 
move to Integrity servers in the future," says Mr. Nagy. "When we
analyzed our needs, taking into account the goals we want to achieve, 
realized that HP delivers a very robust platform that supports OpenVMS
now and into the future."