Time sensitive - Need OpenVMS Testimonials for Trade Press Article[s]

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Dátum: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 09:27:16 -0400
Feladó: Skonetski, Susan <susan.skonetski@hp.com>
Címzett: Skonetski, Susan <susan.skonetski@hp.com>
Tárgy: Time sensitive -  Need OpenVMS Testimonials for Trade Press 

Dear Distribution lists,

I am just passing this on from Ken Farmer.  Please contact him if you
would like to partipate.

Warm Regards,


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Subject: Need OpenVMS Testimonials for Trade Press Article[s]

Need OpenVMS Testimonials for Trade Press Article[s]

Drew Robb, drewrobb@sbcglobal.net, is currently writing a series of
articles related to OpenVMS.  You may have already seen two of them:

Datamation - OpenVMS: An Old Dog Still Doing New Tricks

Enterprise ITPlanet - OpenVMS Gets a Case of the DT's

He's is currently writing additional articles for Datamantion and
ComputerWorld.  He is aware of the official OpenVMS testimonials 
on the HP site.

He needs assistance finding customers who:

1) are currently using VMS on Itanium.
2) are on Alpha and not planning to move to Itanium.
3) are still on VAX and not planning to change any time soon.
4) were on VMS, went elsewhere and came back.

Reply with:

1) Customer Name
2) Customer Email address
3) Customer Company name
4) Which situation above the customer fits into
5) Customer contact phone number

You can obviously contact Drew directly and question him about the
article if it helps the customer feel more comfortable.  I've had to do
this with sevderal companies already.  Once you or the customer 
with Drew, you'll have a better idea of his intentions and integrity.

Here's another great chance to promote VMS in the mainstream media.
Deadline is Friday, 27 Aug.

I currently speaking with several writers in the mainstream press.  
are responsive, some aren't.  I'm findng there primary problem is a lack
of knowledge about OpenVMS.  Most don't feel comfortable writing 
something they know little about.  I typlically send them all the
material I can get my hands on to familiarize them according to their
area of expertise.


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