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> Sent:	Thursday, December 18, 2003 10:17 AM
> To:	OpenVMS Systems Software Group
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> Subject:	VMS 8.1 ship today!
>  December 18, 2003 
I am delighted to announce the evaluation release of HP OpenVMS 
8.1 for Integrity servers based on the Intel(r) Itanium(r) processor.
This release is designed for early adopter ISVs and customers who wish
to port their applications in advance of the production-quality release.
OpenVMS Version 8.1 includes native compilers, and a substantial suite
of functionality that ISVs and customers are eager to use, including
clustering and a wide range of development tools and integration
technologies.  We are working closely with industry-leading software
vendors such as Oracle, BEA, BMC Software, and Computer Associates 
fully port OpenVMS environments and application portfolios to Integrity
servers.  The HP OpenVMS ISV partners have already committed to port
more than 550 of their applications to the OpenVMS Integrity platform.
Selected ISVs including MVP, Accucorp, Cadture, Attunity and TECSys 
already ported their applications and have them running on evaluation
release of OpenVMS Version 8.0 on the Integrity rx2600 server.  
OpenVMS Version 8.1 is a significant achievement and contains much 
functionality than was originally planned for this release.  We are
running mixed-architecture clusters of over a dozen systems, have 
and DECnet network stacks, and have four-way SMP system support.  
We are
even near completion of an OpenVMS Integrity Superdome demo!  
customers who have seen the mixed-cluster demo have been so 
excited that
they are accelerating their adoption plans for OpenVMS on HP Integrity
We have met all of our scheduled OpenVMS release dates, and we are 
track to release OpenVMS Version 8.2, a production-quality release of
OpenVMS for the HP Integrity server and AlphaServer platforms in the
second half of 2004.  This and subsequent releases of OpenVMS will be
based on common source code, so that non-hardware dependent 
to the operating system will be available simultaneously on both
AlphaServer and Integrity systems.  It will also make it very
cost-efficient for ISVs and for customers with custom applications to
support both platforms - recompile, relink, test, and go.

Great technology and great business practices come together in the HP
Alpha RetainTrust program.   As OpenVMS customers, you will be able to
plan the integration of OpenVMS on Integrity servers into AlphaServer
environments as your business needs dictate.  In the near term, you 
continue to upgrade your AlphaServer systems and when your IT plans 
for it, you can simply add HP Integrity servers to existing OpenVMS

The excitement about Integrity servers is accelerating.  Our partners
are moving forward and we are on or ahead of our OpenVMS schedule 
in all
areas.  I have never been more thrilled to be part of the OpenVMS
business.  And I hope that you will feel the same excitement about 
this tremendous technology and about HP as your technology partner.

Mark Gorham
Vice President, OpenVMS Systems Division

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