Announcing Rdb Release 7.1.

"Tornyossy, Gabor" <>

Akit Úrdekel. Oracle bejelentÚs az uj rdb-rol:

    We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle Rdb Release 
    7.1.2 (aka V7.1-2).  The kit is available on Metalink and 
    internally on the Oracle network at:
    NOVA""::RDB_KITS:[RDBKITS71.RDBV71201KIT_AMV]   (Optimized for EV56
                                                     or higher
    RDBV71201KIT_AMV.ZIP;1  106938/106944    9-OCT-2003 12:04:03.97  


    RDBV71200KIT_AMV.ZIP;1  113757/113760    9-OCT-2003 12:11:38.92

    Software Errors Fixed in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.2
    Software Errors Fixed That Apply to All Interfaces 
      - Area Access Fails After Online Storage Area Creation
      - Page Transfer Via Memory Feature Now Available
      - UNION Query With Two Left Outer Joins in First Leg Returns
        Wrong Results
      - Error %RDMS-E-NOSOL_FOUND in Full Outer Join Query
      - Query With EXISTS Clause and COMPUTED BY Column Returns Wrong 
      - Bugcheck in DIO$FREE_CURRENT_LOCK for Sorted Ranked Indexes
      - Illegal Page Count Error in the Dynamic Optimizer
      - Ranked Index Overflow Node Corruption on Insert
      - Incorrect Results From a Reverse Scan on a Ranked Index
      - Restriction Removed for READ ONLY Transaction on Standby 
      - Bugcheck at PSIINDEX$FIND_ENTS_EXACT + 54
      - AIJ Log Server Process May Loop or Bugcheck
      - ROLLBACK Not Appended to AIJ for Failed 2PC Transactions
      - Bugcheck at LCK$MEMBIT_BLAST + 023C With Exception of 
      - Bugcheck When Multiple Tables are Transitively Joined With
        IS NULL Filter
      - Unexpected Error From GRANT and REVOKE
      - Process Can Hang After SYS$FORCEX Issued
      - Show Storage Map "Lists_Map" Partition Display Error
      - Incorrect Cardinalities Calculated by CREATE DATABASE
      - ALTER INDEX Fails With the RDMS-F-NOT_LARDY Error
      - Cannot Drop Close Timer Database
      - Outer ORDER BY Ignored in Favor of Inner ORDER BY Clause
      - Query Using IN Clause With 16 Filter Predicates Runs Slower
      - PIOUTL$BUILD_IORB Bugcheck Adding Mixed Format Storage Area
      - Unexpected Bugcheck During CREATE SEQUENCE
      - Bugcheck on Dropping of an Empty Sorted Ranked Index
      - Index Estimation May Not Estimate the Most Useful Index First
      - Premature Switch to Sequential Retrieval in the Dynamic 
      - Poor Performance From Bulk Loads After
      - RDMRLE Image Not Always Supplied During Installation
      - SORT Consumes All Available Memory
      - Unexpected Failure of the IDENTITY Clause in CREATE TABLE
      - Unexpected Failure of INSERT for Table With IDENTITY After
        an IMPORT
      - Unexpected Privileges Required Using VLM or SSB Features with 
        OpenVMS Galaxy Support Enabled
      - Bugchecks at PIO$FETCH + 00000360
      - DBR Bugchecks at DBR$DDTM_RESOLVE + 000003F4
      - Spurious CHECKSUM Errors Reading READ ONLY Areas with Global 
      - Additional Memory Utilized for Global Buffers Starting With
        Rdb Release
      - Fields Added to Informational Table RDB$CACHES
      - Page Locks Not Released When LOCKING IS PAGE LEVEL
      - Potential Bugcheck Using VLM Global Buffers With Galaxy 
      - Incorrect Retrieval of Duplicates from Ranked Indexes
      - ALTER TABLE Statement May Fail if RESERVING Clause Used for 
      - Processes Not Recovered After Node Failure
      - DBR Bugchecks at PIO$COMPLETE + 000002E4
      - Left Outer Join Query With CONCAT Function Returns Wrong 
      - RCS Bugchecks at DIOCCH$UNMARK_GRIC_ENT
      - Query With Sum Function of Two Select Counts Bugchecks
    SQL Errors Fixed
      - DECLARE LOCAL TEMPORARY TABLE Limited to 10 Tables Per 
      - Unexpected ACCVIO When Reporting Incompatible Character  
        Set Assignments
      - ALTER STORAGE MAP May Fail With PARTEXTS Error for LIST 
        Storage Map
      - Problems Corrected in ALTER INDEX ... BUILD PARTITION
      - INSERT Into Table With an IDENTITY Column May Fail With 
        RDB$_NO_PRIV Error
      - IMPORT May Generate ACCVIO Exception During Import of a 
      - SELECT ... FOR UPDATE Now Supported by Oracle Rdb
      - Unexpected Failure From DROP STORAGE AREA ... CASCADE Clause
      - Create Module Declaring Integer Variable's Default With Cast 
      - Incorrect Unit for the DETECTED ASYNC PREFETCH THRESHOLD 
      - DROP CONSTRAINT Now Operates on Column and Table Constraint
      - IVP or Other Failure With Dynamic SQL if SQL$INT is Installed 
      - CREATE INDEX Would Fail With READ_ONLY_FIELD Error
      - SQL Added Padding Spaces to Saved Source SQL Statement
      - ALTER TABLE Caused AUTOMATIC UPDATE Columns to be Evaluated 
        for All Rows
      - SQL-F-NODBFILE When SQL Modules are Compiled With /CONNECT
      - Concatenate Now Supports Non-character Values in ORACLE LEVEL2
      - RDB-E-REQ_NO_TRANS With Multiple SQL Modules and Images
    RDO and RDML Errors Fixed
      - RDML /DATE_TYPE Qualifier Default is Now NOEMPTY_RECORDS
    Oracle RMU Errors Fixed
      - Could Not Import Statistics on Different Node
      - RMU Extract Generates Incorrect ALTER TABLE ... ADD CONSTRAINT 
      - RMU/VERIFY/CONSTRAINTS Problems With Named Tables And 
      - RMU/BACKUP/PARALLEL/DISK_FILE Did Not Work Properly
      - RMU/BACKUP/DISK_FILE Fails if too Many Writer Threads
      - TRUNCATE TABLE and RMU /REPAIR Corruption Corrected
      - AIJ Backup File May Not Allow Recovery of a Restored 
      - Domains Required for SQL_FUNCTION Not Output by RMU Extract
      - RMU /RESTORE Bugchecks at LCK$STALL_FOR_ENQ + 0CC0
      - Changes to RMU /CLOSE Behavior
      - May Not be Able to Apply the Next AIJ After Doing RMU
        /RECOVER /RESOLVE /STATE Multiple Times
      - RMU /EXTRACT /ITEM=DATABASE May Not Display Snapshot
        File Attributes
      - Recovery of Empty Optimized AIJ Does Not Update the 
        Sequence Number
      - RMU /VERIFY Not Writing Constraint Verification Failure 
        Warnings to /OUTPUT File
      - RMU /COLLECT May Default to a READ WRITE Transaction
        Identifier Not Held
      - Multi-Disk File Restore Could Fail if READER_THREADS 
        Exceeded One
      - RMU Extract Not Extracting Modules Correctly When MATCH 
        Option Used
      - Recovery of Database With Fixed AIJs After Convert to V7.1 
        Could Lose Data
      - Some Database Backup Files Created With LZSS Compression 
        Could Not be Restored
      - RMU Verify Access Violation Allocating Memory for Expanding
        a Storage Record
    LogMiner Errors Fixed
      - LogMiner Elimination of Processing Unneeded AIJ Files
      - Replication Option and LogMiner Features Active at the Same 
      - RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Created .RRD Content Clarification
    Row Cache Errors Fixed
      - Storage Area Grows Despite Row Erasure When Using Row Cache
      - Logical Area Record Erasure Count Not Updated for Cached Rows
      - Commit Performance Improvement With Row Cache Feature
      - RMU /SET ROW_CACHE Command Updates
    RMU Show Statistics Errors Fixed
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Writes Invalid Configuration File
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS /DEADLOCK_LOG Does Not Record First 
        Deadlock Occurrence
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Row Cache Overview Integer Overflow
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS "Device Information" Screen Bugchecks 
        in Playback Mode
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Limiting Multi-Page Report
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Misleading Maximum Values After RESET 
        or UNRESET
      - Enhancement to Transaction Duration Display When Written
        to Report
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS 95th Percentile Transaction Duration 
        Less Than 0.40 Seconds
      - "RUJ File Writes" Statistic Not Accurate
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Custom (Yanked) Value Double of Value 
        Reported in Original Screen
    Hot Standby Errors Fixed
      - Changes to RMU /REPLICATE AFTER START /BUFFERS Qualifier
      - Standby Database Missing Updates if Master Not Manually Opened
      - Starting LRS on Master Database Caused Shutdown
    Oracle Trace Errors Fixed
      - Oracle Trace Did Not Collect for Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.1

    Enhancements Provided in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.2

    Enhancements that Apply to all Interfaces
      - New NVL2 Expression
      - New Dialect ORACLE LEVEL2 Added
      - RMONSTOP71.COM Parameter for RMU /MONITOR STOP Command
      - RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Enhanced to Show Large Memory Setting
      - Statistics Collection Performance Improvement for AlphaServer 
        GS Systems
      - RMU RECOVER Accepts Wildcard After-image Journal File 
        Specifications and ORDER_AIJ_FILES Qualifier
      - RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Page Dump Content and Format Enhancements
      - Enhancement to Prestarted Transaction Timeout
      - RDM$BIND_SNAP_QUIET_POINT Logical No Longer Used
      - New SET CONTINUE CHARACTER Statement for Interactive SQL
      - OPTIMIZE Clause Enhancements
      - New Options for the OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL Qualifier
      - SET OPTIMIZATION LEVEL Enhancements
      - RMU Load Now Supports SELECTIVITY Pption for OPTIMIZE 
      - New Options Supported for LOGMINER SUPPORT Clause
      - Changes to the IMPORT Command
      - ALTER MODULE Statement
      - New RENAME Statement
      - New Warning Generated When Row Size Exceeds Row Cache Length
      - Oracle Media Management V2.0 API for Oracle Rdb RMU
      - Sanity Checks Added to RMU /VERIFY to Check TSNs and CSNs
      - RMU /CLOSE /WAIT /NOCLUSTER Now Allowed
      - Native 64-bit Virtual Addressing for Row Caches
      - Snapshots In Row Cache
      - Performance Enhancements for RMU /RECOVER with Optimized 
        After-Image Journals
      - Enhancements to INSERT ... FILENAME for LIST OF BYTE 
        VARYING Data
      - Default for RMU CRC Qualifier Changed to /CRC = AUTODIN_II
      - Index Estimation
      - Hash Index Estimation
      - New LIKE Clause Added to CREATE TABLE
      - Enhancements to Statistical Functions
      - RMU /VERIFY Enhanced to Detect Sequence Problems
      - Determining Which Oracle Rdb Options Are Installed
      - New Procedure RDB$IMAGE_VERSIONS.COM
      - Oracle Rdb SGA API
      - Improving Query Performance Using Sampled Selectivity