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Fodor Zsuzsa <>

Valaki Németországban örömmel osztja meg a VAXait és Alphait 
minden lekes VMS hívővel.

Fodor Zsuzsa

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Dátum: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 15:56:56 -0400
Feladó: Skonetski, Susan <>
Címzett: Skonetski, Susan <>
Tárgy: OpenVMS Pearl - Offer from a real VMS Fan - OK for external use

Dear Folks,

I had the chance to meet Bernd at the Technical Update in Germany 
week.  He is a true fan of VMS and has extended this offer to who ever
would like it.  I venture a guess that if Bernd and John Wisniewski got
together they would have more computing power than some countries.

As a side note, I will be out of the office tomorrow so no email, you
are probably relived to hear that!

Warm Regards,

Dear Sue

Would it be of interest to other VMS fans to get a free OpenVMS-
on my VAX-7820? The machine is reachable through the internet via a
dynamic DNS at, is running OpenVMS VAX 7.2, has 
of the compilers installed and has lots of disk space so the machine is
quite usable for porting software and the like. Currently there are a
few users on FAFNER and the machine has quite a lot of capacity
available. Whoever is interested in getting access to FAFNER can get a
free account from me and if there will be a need for more disk space,
this would not be a problem to fix. 

The machine is a VAX-7000/820 with 512MB RAM an HSJ40 SCSI-
with quite a lot of disks connected to it. It is running OpenVMS 7.2 and
is reachable at FAFNER.DYNDNS.ORG (connected to the internet by a 
line, so there will be a change of IP-address once a day).  FAFNER is up
and running 24x365 (besides two short power outages this year).  If
someone needs something special, I can boot quite a lot of different
machines into the cluster and even offer standalone VAXes and Alphas
with SYSTEM access (if necessary, a small test cluster, too) which are
accessible via a LAT terminal server and TCPIP from FAFNER if someone
wants to try something requiring SYSTEM privileges. To get an account,
just send a short mail to, I will be more than 
happy to
create an account for you.

FAFNER is running in my basement and is sitting next to a VAX-8370 (no
joke - it is a three processor BI-bus machine with KA825 CPU cards, this
was never officially supported by DEC but is running quite fine and
detected by OpenVMS as a VAX 8370), lots of VAX-4000, some VAX-
quite a few Alpha systems, etc. In addition to this I have a storage
location of approx. 300 square meters where the rest of my machines is
currently stored. Due to the high temperatures in Germany at the 
no VAX-6xx0 are running currently