DCPS G2.3 field test available

"Tornyossy, Gabor" <gabor.tornyossy@hp.com>

Akit erint, vagy akit erdekel.
OpenVMS Engineering is pleased to announce that a field test of 
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) V2.3, called DCPS G2.3, is now available.

The major feature of this release is the addition of LPD support.
Printing via LPD 
allows printing to printers that don't support bi-directional IP

DCPS G2.3 also adds support for the following printers, among others not
yet announced:

        HP Color LaserJet 8500 and 8550 (LPD and AppleTalk only)
        HP Color LaserJet 9500
        HP LaserJet 2300 (supported in V2.2 but not documented)

THIS KIT IS THE FINAL FIELD TEST VERSION before the final release of
DCPS V2.3 
in mid-October, and will expire on April 1, 2004.