"Tornyossy, Gabor" <Gabor.Tornyossy@hp.com>

Csepp a tengerben: akit a security témakörben a fent megnevezett 
szolgáltatás (SSH) helyzete VMS környezetben érdekel:
To whom it may concern, 
	OpenVMS remains committed to IP security and has developed a strong 
partnership with SSH. This partnership will yield SSH Secure Shell in 
the V5.4 TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS release slated for October of 2003. 
The SSH requirement has been driven by strong customer demand. OpenVMS 
is also acutely aware of our customer requirements concerning IPsec. We 
have plans to leverage our existing partnership and technology in 
assisting us in the delivery of IPsec solutions in the future. 
	The security technology that we are deploying in V5.4 will yield a 
common cryptographic infrastructure. This will be used in our SSH 
solution as well as our planned IPsec solution. We had been working on 
IPsec, but transitioned to SSHv2 due to overwhelming customer demands 
for SSHv2. We are in the final stages of delivering SSHv2 and will 
redeploy these resources to do IPsec when SSHv2 is delivered. 
	IPsec is a valid requirement for implementation in a future release of 
TCP/IP. We are in process of planning the next release of TCP/IP 
Services and will be providing updated road maps and delivery schedules 
in the near term. 
	Leo Demers 
	Larry Woodcome