TO: Decus GA: ITUG/DECUS Joint European Conference: 1-Day

"Fodor, Zsuzsa" <>

Kedves Kollegak, ha valakinek megis modja van eljonni, biztosan a 
legfrissebb informaciokat tudja meg Lyonban. eérem, hogy adjatok is 
tovabb a felhívast, ha van otletetek, mert iden egy kicsit alacsony a 
resztvevok szama.

Sziasztok! Zsuzsa

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> Küldve:	2002. május 6. 20:37
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> Tárgy:	Decus GA: ITUG/DECUS Joint European Conference: 1-Day 
Registrations Available!
> It's not too late to join ITUG and CUO-EMEA (formerly DECUS Europe) at 

> the 2002 Joint European Conference, 13-15 May (optional pre-conference 

> seminars 11-12 May) in Lyon, France. Online registration is closed, 
> you can still register on site in Lyon with no penalty fees! 
> Come and learn about upcoming changes directly from the newly named 
> of HP EMEA, Kasper Rorsted, and members of the new HP Enterprise 
> team.
> For more information on the programme, including more than 125 
> sessions, more than 40 exhibitors, and numerous community-building 
> visit 
> Now Available: One-day conference registrations (includes all 
> meals and social functions, exhibition, and access to all technical 
> for your day of choice) are available for Monday, Tuesday, OR 
> for only 500 Euro. Full pricing information available on the 
> website: