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To: HP and Compaq Employees
From: Peter Blackmore 
I am pleased to announce the leadership of the new 
Enterprise Systems Group (ESG), one of the four operating 
business groups previously announced in the new HP. Once 
the merger is complete, ESG will represent a formidable 
strategic partner for our customers capable of delivering 
powerful, industry-leading products and solutions across 
the entire enterprise. 
Our combined enterprise market leadership will be 
impressive - No. 1 in Windows-based servers, Linux servers, 
UNIX servers and fault tolerant systems, No. 1 in 
enterprise storage and No. 1 in management software. We 
will have the scope, scale and capabilities to challenge 
any competitor in the enterprise space.
Global Business Units
ESG will be made up of seven global business units, under 
the following leadership:
Industry Standard Servers will be led by Mary McDowell. The 
organization will deliver end-to-end, infrastructure and 
business solutions designed around industry-defining 
technologies, products and services.
Currently, Mary is senior vice president and general 
manager of Compaq's Industry Standard Server Group, with 
worldwide responsibility for Compaq's leadership in the 
ProLiant server, management and attached storage markets. 
Under Mary's leadership, the Compaq ProLiant server line 
has expanded to address customers' evolving needs for 
Internet infrastructure and access, ranging from hyper-
dense thin server blades to the industry's leading 8-Way 
servers. Mary has been a part of Compaq's industry standard 
server business since its inception in the late 80s. She 
has been with Compaq for 16 years.
Business Critical Systems will be led by Scott Stallard. 
The organization will provide enterprise customers with 
leading, business-critical, high-availability servers to 
meet their computing infrastructure needs.
Currently, Scott is vice president and general manager of 
HP's Business Systems and Technology Organization (BSTO), 
focused on delivering highly manageable, always-on servers. 
During his 27-year career with HP, Scott has been 
responsible for the company's netserver business, and 
headed the Networked Systems Business Unit. Scott led the 
development of HP's first single server strategy, and under 
his leadership, BSTO made huge quality and productivity 
improvements, and consistently reported profits well above 
the HP average and above key UNIX server competitors. 
Network Storage Solutions will be led by Howard Elias. The 
organization will deliver enterprise and open, network 
storage systems that provide customers with unparalleled 
information access, management and protection where storage 
is an enterprise utility.
Currently, Howard is senior vice president and group 
general manager of the Business Critical Solutions Group at 
Compaq where he is responsible for AlphaServer platforms, 
NonStop(tm) Himalaya servers, Alpha microprocessor 
technology, and platforms, products and solutions for the 
telecommunications industry. Previously, Howard was vice 
president and general manager of the Storage Products Group 
where Compaq maintained its No. 1 position in total storage 
capacity, moved into the No. 2 position in enterprise 
storage, and helped create the industry's leading vision 
for storage networking. Howard has been in the computer and 
electronics industries for over 25 years.
Software will be led by Nora Denzel. The organization will 
deliver industry-leading software which enables customers 
to harness the power of their IT infrastructures by 
providing a solid software development platform and a 
leading services management portfolio. 
Currently, Nora is vice president and general manager of 
HP's Network Storage Solutions Organization. She is 
responsible for worldwide development, manufacturing and 
marketing of the company's complete multi-billion-dollar 
line of storage products including storage networking, 
software, disk, tape and optical products. Nora joined HP 
in 2000 with more than 17 years of experience in the 
computer industry. She had previously been the senior vice 
president and a corporate officer of Legato Systems, a 
software company, managing all engineering, product 
management and technical support. Prior to that, she served 
over 13 years in the IBM storage division in various 
engineering, marketing and executive positions. 
Enterprise Marketing and Solutions will be led by Janice 
Chaffin. The organization will drive our enterprise 
marketing strategy with the goal of making the HP brand top 
of mind for corporate and enterprise customers; and expand 
the market for HP's products and services by increasing 
customer value through differentiated solutions and strong 
Currently, Janice is vice president and general manager for 
the HP Solutions Organization, which provides business and 
IT infrastructure solutions to enterprise customers and 
service providers. Prior to that, Janice was vice president 
and general manager of the Business Critical Computing 
Business Unit where she led the highly successful HP9000 
systems business and refocused the technical server 
business, significantly growing HP's share of the high-end 
UNIX market. During her 21-year HP career, she has also 
held management positions in marketing, product planning, 
program management, and channel partners management. 
Industry Verticals and Corporate Accounts will be led by 
Rob Walker. The organization will ensure end-to-end 
alignment from solution creation to sales and delivery for 
key vertical industries including telecom, financial 
services and manufacturing. Corporate Accounts will manage 
relationships with our largest customers worldwide.
Currently, Rob is senior vice president of Sales Operations 
for Compaq, with responsibility for all operational and 
financial aspects of worldwide sales. Previously, he was 
CEO for Compaq EMEA, where he led the company's operations 
in Europe, Middle East and Africa, representing 
approximately 40 percent of Compaq's worldwide revenue. 
Prior to joining Compaq, Rob spent 14 years with Xerox as 
managing director in the UK, and held various management 
positions in business development, management systems and 
quality, product development, and sales and marketing 
operations. During his 13 years with Burroughs Corp., now 
UNISYS, Rob held key sales positions.
Financial Services will be led by Irv Rothman. The 
organization will deliver innovative technology-financing 
solutions to our small, medium, enterprise and corporate 
customers, as well as consumers. 
Currently, Irv is president and CEO of Compaq Financial 
Services Corporation (CFS). Irv has led CFS since its 
founding in 1997, growing the business to more than $3.7 
billion in total assets, and more than 50,000 clients in 43 
countries. A 28-year leasing-industry veteran, Irv has held 
various leadership positions with U.S. Leasing 
International, Inc., and Thomson McKinnon Securities, Inc. 
before joining AT&T in 1985. As a group president of AT&T 
Capital Corp., he helped build a global equipment financing 
organization that ultimately grew to be the second largest 
leasing company in the country. 

Sales Regions
The collective strength and expertise of our global 
enterprise sales force will make us an even more 
competitive solutions company with a unique value 
proposition for our customers. The regions and respective 
leadership will maximize revenue and profitability of ESG 
products and solutions, and drive penetration of our 
Services, Personal Systems and Printing and Imaging 
business in our top corporate and enterprise accounts.
Each of these leaders is appointed overall region general 
manager with additional responsibility for ESG in the 
Americas will be led by Jim Milton, who will have 
responsibility for our operations in the countries and 
regions of North America and South America. Jim is 
currently senior vice president and general manager for 
Compaq's North America region, where he is responsible for 
all sales and marketing, distribution and services in the 
U.S. and Canada. Jim has 20 years of experience in the 
industry, having held enterprise sales management positions 
with Digital, and systems engineering positions with IBM. 
Asia Pacific will be led by Paul Chan, who will have 
responsibility for our operations in Asia Pacific, 
including Greater China. In 1995, Paul was named to his 
current position as vice president and managing director of 
Compaq's Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining Compaq, Paul 
spent 17 years with HP, where he held a number of senior 
management positions.
EMEA will be led by Kasper Rorsted, who will have 
responsibility for our operations in the some 95 countries 
in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Prior to his current 
role as vice president and general manager of Compaq EMEA, 
Kasper headed the region's enterprise business group, 
commercial PCs, and marketing and eCommerce groups. Before 
joining Compaq in 1995, he held sales and marketing 
management positions with Oracle Europe and Digital.
Japan will be led by Hajime Takayanagi. Taka-san, who is 
currently president of Compaq Japan, has more than 37 years 
in the IT industry in that country. Prior to joining 
Compaq, he was president of Tandem Japan for 13 years, and 
before that held various management positions during his 20 
years with IBM Japan. Masao Terazawa will be Chairman. 
Currently president of HP Japan, Terazawa-san has been with 
HP for 38 years, holding a number of management positions 
including general manager of the Computer Systems 
Organization in Japan and Asia Pacific.

Support Functions
The key support functions and leadership for the Enterprise 
Systems Group will be:
Enterprise Systems Operations will be led by Bernard de 
Valence, who will play a strategic role in managing all 
operations for ESG including manufacturing, supply chain, 
logistics, remarketing, order management and information 
technology. Currently, Bernard is vice president and 
general manager of HP EMEA, where he is responsible for the 
product operations and all sales and marketing for 
enterprise and commercial customers there. During his 24-
year HP career, he has held senior management positions in 
international finance and administration, region general 
management, as well as managing HP's worldwide Y2K efforts 
in R&D, marketing, support and services, and internal 
Finance will be led by Ken Wach, who will manage ESG 
finance operations worldwide. Ken is currently worldwide 
chief financial officer for HP's Business Customer 
organization. He has held a number of financial analyst 
roles in various HP organizations during his 17-year career 
there, including the Test and Measurement organization (now 
Agilent) and the Computer Systems business.
Human Resources will be led by Greg Anderson, who will 
direct all HR and related functions worldwide. Currently, 
Greg is vice president of Human Resources for Compaq's 
Worldwide Sales and Services. Since joining Compaq in 1997, 
Greg has served as vice president of HR for the North 
America sales region and director of HR for headquarter 
functions. He has more than 22 years in the HR field.
Please join me in congratulating the leadership of the 
Enterprise Systems Group. There is a wealth of strong 
talent and expertise throughout our two organizations, and 
I am confident that we are building the strongest team in 
the industry. I encourage you to visit the Merger 
Communications site on Inline and hpNOW where you'll find 
more information on the leadership of ESG and other 
organizations announced today. 
Peter Blackmore