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> Van egy VAXstation 4000 60-asunk, amiben megadta magát a disc.
> Most kerítettem egy másikat, de a memória ellenorzés után 
> a következo üzenet van:
> ??	001	9	NI	0172
> Nincs a géphez semmi leírásunk.

Valamelyik régebbi VMS documentation library-ban benne van a
VAXstation 4000-60 
	- Owner's and System Installation Guide
	- Option's Installation Guide

D33VA102.DECW$BOOK;1    3-JUL-1992 15:04:24.41
D33VA103.DECW$BOOK;1    3-JUL-1992 15:05:01.02

> Meg tudja valaki mondani mit jelent ez vagy hogy hol 
> lehet ennek utánanézni?

Table G-1: Error Messages

030     There is no COMM loopback   Be sure the COMM loopback connector is securely installed. If
        connector.                  the error persists, enter the SHOW ERROR command to display
                                    a coded explanation. Call your Digital service representative to
                                    report the code.

040     The COMM option self test   Be sure the DSW21 Synchronous Communications Adapter is
        failed.                     securely connected and run the self test again.

0112    You are running tests and   Disregard this message; the mouse is fine.
        using the round mouse.

0166    Terminator is not secure.   Secure terminator and check all network cables.

0172    T-connector or Ethernet     Secure or install the T-connector and check all network cables.
        loopback connector is not
        secure or is not installed.

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Table 6-1:  Component Numbers and Mnemonics in Power-Up and Self-Tests

Component  Component
Number     Mnemonic  Component

1          NVR       Nonvolatile random access memory (RAM)
2          LCG       Low-cost graphics coprocessor
3          DZ        Serial line controller
4          CACHE     High-speed memory
5          MEM       Memory
6          FPU       Floating point unit
7          IT        Interval timer
8          SYS       Miscellaneous system board hardware
9          NI        Network interface
10         SCSI      SCSI controller
11         AUD       Sound chip
12         COMM      Communications device
13-99                Reserved for future components

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> Attila

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