Crags in Pilis mountain are among the oldest and most popular.

A climbers' guide from 1913 already mentioned all the climbing places here.

Some of them are not used for climbing any more, because of the bad quality

of the rock or the dead easy routes. The cliffs are only 20-25 m high, but

they offer lots of interesting routes. The crags are not far from Budapest,

a maximum 40 minutes travel by car and some minute walk.


You can get there easily by car. From Budapest drive until Dorog. Go through this

dirty town, follow the new road, then a dirt road leads you to the cliffs.

This crag is little, but absolutely not boring. A magnificant cave hides the

nicest and most spectacular overhang and roof climbs around Budapest (IX-X).

There is an outside rockface (18 m) with overhanging routes (VII-IX), and

another on the right with easier routes (V-VII-). The routes are usually

well-protected by bolts.


Drive towards Dorog, but before you reach the town, turn right at the Kesztölc

sign. From Kesztölc follow the dirt road, it leads to the bottom of the hill.

From there walk on the green trail to the crag (30 min), or just hike straight

up the hillside. Camp at the bottom of the hill, you can get water from the


Even when it's early spring, sunshine warms the white rocks on the bushy

hillside and makes the climbing pleasant here. The very first route in Hungary

was opened here in 1903!!! The crag is still very popular because of the great

variety of forms. From the top you can enjoy the breath-taking view. (Yeah!)

The biggest rockface is 20 m high, full of easy and not-so-easy routes

(from III to X+). There are two more little rockfaces with easy routes.


Budapest-Pomáz-Pilisszentkereszt, then follow the green trail to the bottom

of the hill. From here a 15 minute walk up to the top.

On the cool, northern slope there is a strange monster of stone with two

arches like eyes. The 10-15 m high rock is good quality limestone. The routes

are generally easy or moderate (III-VII-), but not usual. They can be easily

protected. Take an unforgettable walk on the ridge over the beech forest - you

can't miss it!


This crag in Pilis is the easiest of access from Budapest. From Pilisszántó

walk on the path to the cliffs in front of you.

The 20 m high wavy limestone rockface holds 10 routes (V-VIII). The cave on the

right has some easier routes on both sides (IV-VII), and here is a little bit

difficult one (IX). The routes are protected.


It was the most important crag in the beginning of the century, today it's

a legendary climbing place. Generations of climbers have learned the basics

of climbing here. On three rockfaces there are about 50 classical routes.

Most of them are technical face climbs on stabil limestone. Oszoly is popular

because of the vast variety of moderate routes (V-VII).

>From Budapest it's easy to get there, especially by car. Drive until Pomáz,

turn to Csobánka, and you will arrive at a small square. Turn left and drive to

the parking place below the cliffs. You can bivouac or camp here.