Climbers in Budapest are very lucky, because there are numerous splendid crags

right in the hills around the city. Beside natural rocks, abandoned

quarries like Kecske-hegy and Franciabanya are also very popular.

Most of the crags are boulders. Possibilities are nearly endless on the

bottom of rockfaces and on small rocks scattered on hillsides. Only need some

spare time and a pair of climbing shoes and you can already enjoy climbing.

( That's why it is popular with the young - it's the best thing to do after or

instead of school.)

The crags are mostly around Harmashatar-hegy. You can easily reach them by

buses 65 or 11.

Oroszlansziklak (Lion rocks):

These small cliffs (2-10 m) are scattered on the southwestern slope of

Kecske-hegy. The rock is mostly solid dolomite, sometimes limestone. Sunshine

makes pleasant mediterranian climate from early spring to late fall.

The surrounding forest protects the cliffs from noise and polluted air.

It takes 10 minutes to get there on the path from the last stop of the bus 11.


The old quarry is the favourite training place of climbers in Budapest.

These rockfaces stay cool even in hot days in summer. Most of the routes

demand power and endurance. (They are not only ugly but difficult as well.)

Top-rop is used because of the bad quality rock. You can also boulder on the

lower part of the rockfaces.

Take the bus 65 from Kolosy square. Go until the last stop, then follow the road

up to the hill until a parking place on the left. Go straight into the forest.


The approximately 200 m long traverse across the quarry is an excellent training

(III-VII). The hardest parts are the first rockface and the cave.

This crag is mostly a boulder, but the highest rockface can be climbed with


It's only a 3 minute walk back on the path from the last stop of the bus 65.